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10 April, 2015

Argentina - 50 Pesos 2014 Islas Malvinas Invasion Commemorative

Fifty Pesos
Argentina 2014 50 Pesos invasion of Guerra de las Malvinas Commemorative. The Argentinians called it Islas Malvinas and others called it Falkland Islands. For this post, I will refer the islands here with both names. This is a 50 Pesos note issued to commemorate the 32nd Anniversary of the invasion of the Islas Malvinas in 1982 by the Argentina Military Junta government let by Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli (b. 1926-2003). Here are some interest facts of this conflict between Argentina and Great Britain.

* 02.04.1982 - Argentinian forces launched an invasion of Islas Malvinas, including South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, following a long standing territorial claim;
* 05.04.1982 - The then British PM Margaret Thatcher (b.1925-2013) dispatched both naval and air task forces to the south Atlantic in preparation to recapture the islands back from Argentina;
* 25.04.1982 - The British forces recaptured South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands;
* 21.05.1982 - About 3,000 British troops landed on San Carlos in East Falkland;
* 14.06.1982 - The Argentinian troops surrendered and the British troops recaptured Falkland Islands.

The Argentinians managed to hang onto the islands for only 74 days before surrendering. A total of 908 lives were lost in this conflict, comprises of 255 British, 650 Argentinians and three Falkland Islanders. Since then the Islands sovereignty remain unresolved. In March 2013, a referendum was held in Falkland Islands to decide their future. The results was that 1,517 voted to stay with Great Britain with three voted against this. The Argentinian government has not given up on Islas Malvinas claim and is still hoping that one day it will return back to them. Given the result of the referendum, it is most likely that this matter will remain unresolved for a long, long time to come. The announcement of this new note was launched on 2.4.2014 by the Argentinian President Cristina Fernandes de Kirchner at her Presidential office at La Casa Rosada (the Pink House) in Buenos Aires. This note was released in early March 2015

The design of the note depicts gaucho Antonio Rivero (Entre Rios 1808-Buenos Aires 1845) riding on a horse waving the Argentinian flag in his right hand. The note is also printed with the following texts - en union y libertad. Primer defensor de la soberania nacional en las Islas Malvinas. Recupero la soberania patria en el ano 1833. Lucho por los derechos sociales de los trabajadores en las Islas. (at union and freedom. defender of national sovereignty on the Falkland Islands. Country regained sovereignty in the year 1833. I fight for social rights of workers on the islands). On the front, it has the islands of "Islas Malvinas", South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands printed over what seems to be the southern tip of Argentina and Chile. The map of the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is printed in the wrong way round with the top end pointing north instead of north-west. I am not sure why they did that? Is this on purpose or just trying to fit the map onto the note or I may have mistaken this myself.

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