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01 June, 2017

Mexico - 100 Pesos 2017 100th Anniversary of the Enachment of the Constitution of the United Mexican States 05.02.1917

On 05.02.2017, Banco de Mexico (Bank of Bank) released a commemorative 100 Pesos paper banknote celebrating the country's 100th Anniversary of the Enactment of the Constitution of the United Mexican States 1917-2017.

The design of the note features the followings:

Obverse: Luis Manuel Rojas Arreola (1871-1949) Chairman of Congress (L) and Venustiano Carranza (1859-1920) Head of State 1915-1917 and Mexico President 1917-1920 (R) - swearing in before the Constituent Assembly after amending the Constitution;

Reverse: Congressmen appear swearing to observe and enforce the Mexican Constitution.
The note's colour is predominant in red and yellow, printed with the date of 25 Ene 2016 (25.01.2016) and was released on the 100th Anniversary of the enactment of the constitution, 05.02.2017.

Collecting Mexican banknotes sometime can be tough and challenging as notes are usually signed by difference members of the Board of Government (Junta de Gobierno) even it was a single note issue. For this issue, I believe it comes in two series, AX and AY and each series also printed with five difference signatures varieties, all bearing the same Cashier's signature (Cajero Principal). Here I have posted 9 notes with AX series (prefixes K, L, M, N, P) and AY series (prefixes Q, R, S, T and U).

For this series you will find that both the AX and AY series are printed will matching signatures between them, ie

K & Q,
L & R,
M & S,
N & T; and
P & U.
It is believe that letter prefix O was not used.

One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AX, Prefix K
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AX, Prefix L
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AX, Prefix M
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AX, Prefix N
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AX, Prefix P
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AY, Prefix Q
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AY, Prefix R
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AY, Prefix S
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AY, Prefix T
One Hundred Pesos
Dated 2016, Series AY, Prefix U
Information Sheet

06 May, 2017

Haiti - 10 Groudes Dated 2013 Polymer

This is the long awaited polymer note from Haiti. Whilst this note was reported much earlier, only recently it has been released to the public for circulation. It is interesting to note that whilst this note has a year dated of 2013, the previously 10 Groudes paper note issued has a year date of 2014. I am not sure why this was the case. Also it is believe that this could be the only letter prefix M printed in polymer, presumably a maximum total of 10 million pieces. The 2012 paper note print was printed with prefix L and the 2014 issue was printed with prefix N. Unless there are crossed over prefixes printed. Is this a one-off polymer print for this denomination? The other question to ask is why they issued the 2014 series first before this polymer note?

Ten Gourdes
Dated 2013

02 April, 2017

Barbados - $50 1996 - 2016 50th Year of Independence

Barbados 50th Anniversary of Independence (30.11.1966). This note was issued on 21.11.2016. The design of this note is the same at those first issued in 2013 (P77), featuring the portrait of Errol Walton Barrow (1920-1987) except that the 50th Independence logo is added to the design on the top right hand corner. The decision to have this note for this independence commemorative is very appropriate too as Errol Barrow was the father of the nation. He was the Premier of Barbados when he led the country to independence from United Kingdom in 1966. The Errol Barrow day, his actual birthday, is also celebrated annually on January 21st since 1989. It seems that they must have this note in mind for this purpose when they designed this back in 2013. This note bears the signature of the Governor Dr Delisle Worrell.

Barbados was the fourth English speaking nation in the West Indies to achieve independence from the United Kingdom, after Jamaica (6.8.1962), Trinidad and Tobago (31.8.1962) and British Guiana (now Guyana 26.5.1966).

Barbados dollar is pegged to the United States Dollar at B$1 = US$0.50. Obviously this note is worth US$25.00 at face value.

The note is dated 30.11.2016 and was released into circulation on 21.11.2016. The serial number for this issue commenced with prefix J30 with number 100001 as the first note. The note that I have posted here is considered as low serial numbered note. I wonder if the center bank retains any of their notes for their archive purposes. Even if they do, I believe it's not many and I have my reasons to say that.

Fifty Dollars
Dated 2016, P79
This is the fourth commemorative banknote issued by the Central Bank of Barbados. The previous three issues were all related to the Central Bank's anniversaries. This is the only note that celebrates the nation's independence.

Previous commemorative notes issued were: -

$100 -  1997 25th Anniversary of Central Bank of Barbados (general circulation);
$5 - 2002 30th Anniversary of Central Bank of Barbados (1000 sets issued at B$7.50 each);
$40 - 2012 40th Anniversary of Central Bank of Barbados (general circulation);

18 March, 2017

Colombia - Dated 2014-2015 Series Full Set (All Released in 2016)

Two Thousand Pesos
Dated 2015, P458
Five Thousand Pesos
Dated 2015, P459
Ten Thousand Pesos 460
Dated 2015, P460
Twenty Thousand Pesos
Dated 2015, P461
Fifty Thousand Pesos
Dated 2015, P462
One Hundred Thousand Pesos
Dated 2014, P463
2000 Pesos
Release Date: 29.11.2016
Obverse: Painter Deboar Arango (pioneer of modern art in Colombia)
Reverse: Cano Cristales river (river of 5 colours in the Sierra de la Macarena region)

5000 Pesos
Release Date: 09.11.2016
Obverse: Jose Asuncion Silva
Reverse: Colombian Paramos (plant)

10000 Pesos
Release Date: 07.12.2016
Obverse: Virginia Gutierres de Pineda
Reverse: Amazon natural region

20000 Pesos
Release Date: 30.06.2016
Obverse: Alfonso Lopez Michelson
Reverse: La Mojana Channels Zenu

50000 Pesos
Release Date: 19.08.2016
Obverse: Gabriel Garcia Maraquez
Reverse: Lost city of Tayrona

100000 Pesos
Release Date: 31.03.2016
Obverse: Carlos Lleras Resfrepo
Reverse: Wax palm in Cocra valley