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18 April, 2013

Falkland Islands - 10 Pounds 2011 Print

Ten Pounds
Dated 2011, PNL
Twenty Pounds
Dated 2011, P19
Here I have added the new 2011 £20 to my previous £10 note posting, both printed with the date of 1.1.2011. These new notes were ordered in August 2010, of which 200,000 pieces of each denomination were printed by De La Rue Currency, traditionally the security printing firm for the Government of Falkland Islands bank notes. 

The total costs for the reprints was £157,776 (£0.39p per note) plus delivery charges etc. Two other printing firms were also considered at the time of the re ordering due to high cost quoted by DLR, but have decided to stay with DLR.

Falkland Islands has a rather small population and for that, these 2011 notes printed are expected to last at least 15 years or more. The designs - Front: QELL, King Penguins, Sea Lions, Map of Falkland Island; Reverse: Governor House, Christchurch Cathedral) of the notes are similar to previous issues but with added security features, such as the cornerstone(TM) and "F" watermark. These designs were first used in 1983. These notes bear the facsimile signatures of the Currency Commissioners of Falkland Islands - Keith Padgett, Moira C Eccles and L M Lyse. Previous £10 and £20 were signed by the sole Currency Commissioner Harold Rowlands. The £5 note was not included in this reprint as at the time of the re order, the Treasury has sufficient stock for this denomination to last for local demands for another 10 years or more and so does the £50 notes too. The series of these two notes commenced with prefix letter "B" with serial numbering ranging from B 000001 to B 200000. The Falkland Islands Pound is pegged to the British Pound Sterling and also can be used on the islands.

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